22308761_862298463945553_3951207111076870440_n Left to Right – Jason (Board Member)& Melissa Brouse, Jackie Bonaldo, Diane & JT Thompson (Board Members), Chad Sydorowicz, Hustler, Alexis Glessner, Corene Kandel (Board Member), & Sasha

OCDRT Board of Directors

** our Board Members serve a one year term and at the end of the term can choose to stay or allow their seat to be filled by a new member **

President – JT Thompson
Co-Vice Presidents – Jason Brouse & Josephine Kaldor
Secretary – Diane Thompson
Treasurer – Corene Kandel
Chairman of the Board & Director- Corene Kandel


Corene Kandel

Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team founder, Corene Kandel, has been active in Australian Cattle Dog rescue since 2003.   She and her family have rescued and rehabilitated many ACDs, including several who are deaf, at the primary foster home of OCDRT, located in Creston, Ohio.  Corene grew up working on horse farms and her professional background includes Quarter horse training.  She is the current City of Rittman Animal Control Officer and is also a small business owner in Rittman, Ohio.  Corene’s achievements include successful completion of the Humane Agent Training Course.  She received the Jack Russell Memorial for Outstanding Rescuer of the Year award in October of 2012 and the “Put Your Best Foot Forward” customer service grant awarded by maggiesfund.org and the Petfinder.com Foundation.

Corene’s first ACD rescue was Blink, a beautiful red girl.  Sadly, at the age of 13, Blink succumbed to lymphoma and passed over the Rainbow Bridge in April of 2014.  Blink’s love and devotion to Corene and her family is what drives her to give so much of her time and energy towards rescuing and rehabilitating ACDs in need.  Corene’s current ACD Mason, who is deaf, is the official greeter, observer and interaction resource when new rescues arrive at the “Creston Corral” as her home is fondly referred to.  The Corral is a dog’s dream, with over an acre of fenced in grassy play area, complete with indoor/outdoor kennels, dog pool and numerous toys as well as her daughter Alexis’s pool and trampoline.   Alexis plays a very integral role in the training and behavior modification that goes on at the Corral.  She maintains a very active lifestyle as a state-ranked tumbler and her activities and teenage lifestyle provide Corene with a built-in resource when training dogs on movement behavior modification.

JT and Diane Thompson

JT and Diane Thompson live in Columbus, Ohio and they are honored to be affiliated with the Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team! Together they bring over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. JT worked his way up to a National Sales Manager for one of the then largest distributors, and Diane was a District Manager for an internationally known dog & cat food manufacturing company. Both were involved with various rescue organizations, and still are! They currently own their own business, JT Services Lawn Care, LLC, and have been in business since 2003. JT’s background and degree is in Business from UNC Charlotte, and Diane is a graduate of The Ohio State University and has been in sales for, well, let’s just say a lot of years! They currently have 2 ACD’s, Taz and Rio, plus a third rescue Shepherd mix, and a very large cat that rules the roost. Their love and understanding of the Australian Cattle Dog breed lured them into doing transports and assisting with new dog and puppy foster group introductions. Diane is currently serving as Secretary of the Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team and Event Coordinator with six area team members and their local volunteers. JT is currently serving as President of OCDRT.

Jason Brouse

Jason Brouse lives in Wayne County OH and has 2 ACDs whom he and his wife, Melissa, adopted from Corene when she was the Director of AuCaDo ACD Rescue Ohio. They have helped extensively over the years with adopting, transports, fostering, and volunteering for events. Jason works for a large auto Dealership and is a Certified Master Technician & his wife works for one of the largest Pharmacy’s in North East Ohio, managing one of their retail locations. They specialize in fostering deaf ACDs and the younger fosters and their 2 ACDs help with the foundation and social skills with their fosters. Jason brings extensive experience in the public relations field, dog handling field, along with transports and fundraising. Jason is currently serving as Co-Vice President.

Josephine (Bunny) Kaldor 

Josephine Kaldor lives in Westerville, OH Her father started calling her Bunny the day she was born and it stuck. It was the first day of “rabbit season” and he couldn’t go hunting…so he got his bunny anyway! He always told me that our dogs would be around me and that I learned to walk hanging onto one of the dogs! Bunny grew up on her grandparent’s small farm (15 acres) and they had a variety of animals. Bunny has a BS in Natural Resources with a specialization in Wildlife Management and a minor in Zoology from The Ohio State University. Sadly she could not find a job in her major and started working at the Medical Center where she held 4 different jobs…the last being a Registered Sleep Technologist & retired after 32 years of service.
Bunny had a Therapy Dog  in the 80’s. This team volunteered at Dodd Hall which was the rehab center. She was very much into ferrets and was breeding, showing, and also doing rescue. In 2005, Bunny got her first ACD & was blown away by the intelligence of Blu. She then acquired Chili Pepper about 4 months later. They both did agility and lots of disc work, Chili ,also, did a little herding & has been a Therapy Dog for the last 7 years working with children. Two years later I got Code Red Cayenne from Oregon. Sadly, I lost Blu to cancer in May 2015 and Cayenne just a month later to what we believed was a heart attack. I still have my Chili Bean at the age of 12. I now have 3 Irish Wolfhounds but continue to have a passion for the ACD. Bunny currently serves as Co-Vice President.