Donating to OCDRT

Donations are greatly needed for general monthly care & excessive vetting expenses with OCDRT’s fosters. With a donation of $30 you can also sponsor a foster for a month. Once their initial vetting is competed there are still monthly costs involved including: food, heartworm medication, flea prevention, dewormer, toys, chews, treats, etc. You will get emails/pictures updating you on your “sponsored foster” and be noted in their bio with a THANK YOU for your sponsorship. We also have an Ohio ACD Alter Program to assist Ohio owners with their ACD’s spays & neuters. OCDRT will pay a vet clinic directly up to $100 thanks to your donations! We also assist owner’s who have lost their jobs and need assistance with food or extensive medical procedures. These programs are only available as funds allow & are all possible with your donations! We are a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible!

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Quick Reference Guide to our Fundraisers! Updates will be added as new fundraisers become available. Photos of some of the items can be viewed at


2019 OCDRT FAN CHOICE CALENDARS – limited quantities left!
Calendars are our gift to you with a $20 donation, each additional $15 donation adds another gift calendar shipped to the same address.

STAY TUNED for details on the 2020 CALENDAR FUNDRAISER – Open to ALL ACDs! Wouldn’t it be cool to own a calendar with your own ACD & friend’s ACDs on it?Please email your high quality photo of your ACD; that corresponds with the current month theme (holiday or weather), to along with the ACD’s name. After a preliminary screening ~ for photo quality, breed recognition, & corresponding monthly theme ~ by our calendar judging panel, the photos will be placed on our Facebook page in an album titled with the month of the contest (example “January Calendar Photo Contest”). The photo with the most “likes” (votes) at the end of the month, will be that month’s main photo with 2nd & 3rd place being featured in a smaller size. Once an ACD has the honor of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, they are not eligible for the current calendar contest. Share the FB album and encourage your friends to vote! Day Blocks are available for a $5 donation via PayPal please put “calendar fundraiser & date _______” in the comment section, & send an email to with your message to be featured on that date, such as “Happy Gotcha Day ________” or “Happy Birthday __________” etc. Thank you for your support and we look forward to printing a gorgeous functional calendar filled with awesome ACDs! Photo entries and Day Blocks will end on November 3oth! Calendars are a gift to you with a $20 donation, shipping included!

OFFICIAL OCDRT LOGO SHIRTS – be a part of our Team & have a shirt to show for it!
Grey, black, or sapphire T-Shirts are a gift with $25 donation to OCDRT, shipping included! Adult sizes: Small – Medium – Large – XL – 2XL ~other sizes available in October when we release our new color!
Grey, black, or sapphire pullover Hoodies are a gift with a $40 donation to OCDRT, shipping included! Adult sizes: Small – Medium – Large – XL – 2XL ~ other sizes available in October when we release our new color!
Please email us at with your item / color / size / quantity and mailing address – PayPal or checks are accepted

WINDOW DECALS – show off your support for OCDRT or ACDs with a window decal
Window decals come in white or red – the OCDRT logo or the ACD with heartbeat – a $8 donation includes shipping. Email info@ocdrescueteam with your quantity and color choice. PayPal or checks are accepted

CHEWY.COM – order food and supplies shipped right to your door! offers a multitude of brands for your animals food needs. Free 1 – 2 day shipping with orders over $49! They offer many discounts and auto-ship. Every time you order and use our link, a percentage of the sales will be donated to OCDRT!  While you are feeding your own dogs, you are supporting OCDRT’s fosters dogs too!

WOOFTRAX WALK FOR A DOG PROGRAM – going for walks now raises money!
Both Android and iPhone apps are now available. Go to to get the app and start walking for your health, your dog’s health and our fosters’ health! Every time you use the app while walking your dog, you are raising money for the fosters at OCDRT. It’s something you do anyway;  why not let the fosters benefit too?  

KURANDA DOG BEDS – our fosters love to chill on these beds!
Nearly indestructible, raised dog beds to allow for a comfortable resting area. Easy to clean and maintain.  These raised beds are preferred by our fosters. Our goal is to have one in each outdoor kennel inside and outside plus in various areas on the outdoor deck and in our foster homes. They also come with a 1 year warranty! Use this link to help Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team supply the fosters with awesome beds!

RUFF GUIDE TO THE US  – for fun vacations with your pets!
Does your dog need a vacation? Ruff Guide to the United States features 365 of the best places to stay and play with your dog in all 50 states. Whether your pooch prefers to ‘ruff it’ on a hiking adventure or sit in the lap of luxury at a five-star resort, the assortment of trips in this book is sure to have him (and you) begging for a vacation! When you enter code “CATTLEDOG” at checkout, you’ll get free shipping, and Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team gets a $10.00 donation for each book sold!

BRING FIDO – pet friendly travel information!
Do you travel with your pet? This website shows locations where pets are welcome! For each reservation made using the code OHIOCATTLEDOG2019 at check out, with a completed stay, OCDRT will receive $10!

GIVING BEAN – Coffee & Teas for you!
This is OCDRT’s fundraising link that takes you to the store and greets you as a supporter of OCDRT! Once reaching this page, all purchases from Giving Bean will support OCDRT by default. Giving Bean offers automatic shipments!

GOODSHOP & GOODSEARCH – For your search engine and entry to a variety of shops!
Use Goodshop & Goodsearch and for every search & store entry with purchase you do, OCDRT gets a percentage! It all adds up! Each shop will show what the percentage given is before you buy. Each time you do a search, a donation is made to OCDRT! Go to to make an account and search for Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team – then every time you search or shop, donations will be collected!

AMAZONSMILE –  you shop & a percentage will be donated to OCDRT directly!
This is OCDRT’s fundraising link that takes you to AmazonSmile and greets you as a supporter of OCDRT! From each purchase a percentage, 0.5%, is donated to OCDRT directly. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

THE KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM: you buy your groceries  and a percentage will be donated to OCDRT directly! Regional program, currently we are signed up for the Columbus area only. Are you a Kroger’s shopper? If so, please register your Kroger Plus card with our group and every time you shop, Kroger generously donates a % to our group!! Here are the instructions sent to us regarding enrolling: Members register online at Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy and register your card with OCDRT after you sign up. If you don’t have a Kroger Plus card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger. Click on Sign In/Register & follow the instructions. After your account is set up online, sign in, & click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number. Enter Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team & select OCDRT from list and confirm. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see OCDRT on the right side of your information page. REMEMBER, purchases will not count until after you register your card(s).

SHOP FOR YOUR CAUSE: You shop & a percentage will be donated to OCDRT directly!
Shop for your Cause has partnered with over 2,500 stores that when linked to through the site will donate a portion of the sale to your favorite charity. – just click and make sure you have chosen OCDRT as your cause!

CLICK TO DONATE: All you do is click daily! you click daily and $0.02 per click is donated to OCDRT! You can sign up for spam- free daily reminders also!

ANIMAL HEARTED: You shop & a percentage will be donated to OCDRT directly! use this link to go directly to Animal Hearted and have a percentage of your sales go to OCDRT & use coupon code OCDRESCUETEAM and save 10% on your order! Lots of neat items to shop for.

HANDMADE JEWELRY BY SLATED IN SPIRIT: Every purchase using code DONATE2OCDRT gives a percentage to OCDRT!
Each time someone purchases one of the special fundraiser necklaces and uses coupon code: DONATE2OCDRT at checkout, the shipping will be reduced to just $1 and Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team will receive $10 for each necklace sold. If a customer chooses to purchase other items from the shop along with the fundraiser necklace, Slated in Spirit will donate 15% of those sales to OCDRT as well.

SIMPLE FUND: Just use the app to watch videos, read articles or download apps and a donation goes to OCDRT!
Very simply, SimpleFund allows you to raise money by doing things you already do everyday: Reading Articles, Installing Mobile Applications, Watching Videos and Taking Surveys. Every time you complete one of these actions, you raise money for OCDRT. That’s it! If you have 5 minutes, you can raise money. Just download the app & choose OCDRT! 

 MERCHANDISE – featuring your love for the Red ACD’s! We all have our favorite color – show your team spirit in many ways with many different items by ‘Make Mine a Red!’

MERCHANDISE – featuring your love for the Blue ACD’s! We all have our favorite color – show your team spirit in many ways with many different items by being “True to My Blue!”


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