2014-08-30 18.12.48 gypsy mist smiling gyp GYPSY MIST2


New to Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team on 8/30/2014 from a southern Ohio shelter.

Gypsy Mist is a regal female who was born in 2002. Don’t let her age make you pass her by, this girl still has a spring in her step & a demeanor that requests the other fosters respect her. She is very sweet with her humans & just wants attention. She was owner surrendered for ‘wandering off when not kenneled’ – 3 years ago she was out west and made her way to Ohio after being obtained at a sale barn. We will get Gypsy Mist in for a full physical including Senior Blood Panel to determine what procedures are in her best interests, potentially including mammary tumor removal & dental. Check back for updates on this lovely lady that has captured the hearts of OCDRT.

UPDATE 5/24/2015: Gypsy has left for her forever home, we will update as she settles in.

UPDATE 6/8/2015: Gypsy Mist is officially adopted!! We are absolutely thrilled for our senior girl!

Gypsy Mist is being fostered in Creston, OH
If you would like to help with Gypsy Mist’s medical expenses, we are a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

UPDATE 9/4/2014: Gypsy Mist had a vet appointment to receive her rabies vaccine, 4DX test, and a Senior Blood Panel to clear her for a mammary tumor removal, spay, and potential dental. Her exam went very well & she loved the attention. She crates like a dream, is eating well, and seems to be house trained. Please cross your fingers and paws that she is heartworm and tick disease negative!

UPDATE 9/5/2014: Very sad to report Gypsy is heartworm positive. Her bloodwork was good otherwise & she is tick disease free. All her other issues that need attention are now on hold. Our team of vets will decide what treatment is in her best interest to give her the best quality of life for her remaining years. The really upsetting part is ALL her issues could have been prevented with proper care. This is why we push to educate the public on proper animal health. Gypsy is suffering the price of an owner who didn’t give her proper care. She will never face that again, she will never walk alone.

UPDATE 9/16/2014: Gypsy started her heartworm treatment today. We was very brave and now she needs to be on crate rest for the next 30 days, then she will have the next step in her treatment. Please keep her in your thoughts.

UPDATE 10/20/2014: Gypsy has received the last of her heartworm injections. She was once again so very stoic and brave. She will be under crate rest and restricted activity for the next 30 days. Our vet will reevaluate at that time for activity and her spay surgery including removing her mammary mass. She is tentatively scheduled for 11/25 surgery.

UPDATE 12/1/2014: Gypsy had her spay and mammary mass removal surgery last Tuesday. She stayed in hospital until Friday due to the intensity of the surgery & her age with heart condition. She has completed her hw treatment and has a grade 5 heart murmur. She came home on Friday and is resting comfortably & recovering nicely. She has a recheck on 12/5 to have her staples removed. The mass was sent out for results. We will post once we receive them.

UPDATE 12/3/2014: Gypsy’s mass results came back benign!!

UPDATE 1/16/2015: Gypsy is completely healed from her surgery and finally ready for her forever home! Gypsy just wants food & love from her person. She still plays fetch & loves to go on adventures. Gypsy would do best in a single dog home where she can have all the attention which she deserves.

Thank You Erica, Barb, & Shelly for transporting.
Thank You Corene for sponsoring her pull fee.
Thank You Heidi & Gunner for a sponsorship including martingale collar!
Thank you Kris, Ozzy, & Yogi for a medical sponsorship!
Thank you Nick, Lauren, Roxy, & Guenther for heartworm sponsorship!
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