Holidae is new to OCDRT on 12/29/2015 from a southern Ohio shelter.

Holidae is being fostered in Creston, Ohio.

Thank you, Lindsay for sponsoring Holidae’s martingale collar!

If you would like to do a $30 sponsorship donation, please go to and note that it is for Holidae.  Thank you!

Holidae is around two years of age and 45-50 pounds.  She was a very good girl on her transport.  She greeted us with a friendly demeanor at a very busy business.  She was a little concerned (growling/posturing) meeting the two resident neutered males, but soon was asking them both to play.  She crated quietly overnight and kept her crate clean.   She is currently in heat, so her hormones are confusing her, but we will get her spayed as soon as she is ready.   She goes in for her 4DX, rabies and exam on the 31st of December.  We will start her core vaccines and de-worming.  Holidae will learn leash manners, foundations skills, crating, house training, socializing with other dogs and people.  Please check back for updates as we get to know Holidae better!

UPDATE 1/4/2016:   Holidae was great at the vet.  She weighs 46 pounds and is heartworm and tick disease negative!  She has settled in well and loves to play with the other ACDs.  She greets every person she meets with a friendly demeanor.   All of her vaccines have been started, along with de-worming.  She will be spayed and microchipped on 1/7/16.  Holidae would do well with a dog-experienced owner who is new to the breed.  We do not know how she will do with cats or small dogs.

UPDATE 1/8/2016:  Holi is now spayed and microchipped.  The clinic staff kept commenting on how sweet and beautiful she is.  She will receive her second round of vaccines and fecal test next week.  Holi will be ready to meet approved applicants after 1/15.

UPDATE 2/20/2016:  Holidae had a meeting with an approved applicant and has left for her forever home.  We will update as she settles in.

If interested in an application, please email