New to OCDRT on 7/23/2015:   Lannister, a one-year-old neutered male who came from a north central Ohio shelter.   He had been surrendered because his owner did not have enough time to spend with him.   He was recently neutered and received most of his vaccines.    He is being fostered with our vet team in Massillon, Ohio, and will receive the remaining vaccines while there.   We will keep you updated on him as we get to know him, but what we’ve seen just in the first 24 hours is a playful, happy energetic pup.  He had no problems during transport and met several new people and dogs with nothing but happy tail wags!   He walks well on his leash, is housebroken and did very well for his first bath.   He needs a little work on his manners, as he likes to jump (on people and counters), but that will be corrected, as he is very eager to please his person and seems to be very smart (well, he’s a cattledog so that’s kind of silly to say).    He loves to play with balls, squeaky toys and especially with his foster brother!    We are accepting applications for Lannister.

UPDATE:  8/4/2015:  Lannister has a deposit to hold him for a meeting the weekend of August 15

UPDATE:  8/15/2015:   Lannister has left for his forever home.   We will update as he settles in with his new family.

UPDATE: 9/3/2015:  Lannister (now known as CoJack) is officially adopted!