New to OCDRT on 2/23

Peach is being fostered in Ravenna OH

Peach was born in early August & is around 22#. She was released to OCDRT through no fault of her own. Peach has been started on her basic vaccines so OCDRT will get her scheduled to have all her vetting completed. She is cautious then happy, friendly, and outgoing with people and dogs. Peach is afraid of the resident cats, so she will learn how to behave around them. Peach will learn crate training, basic obedience, foundation skills, traveling in a vehicle, leash manner & socialization skills. Please check back as we get to know her better while she is under her evaluation period of 2-3 weeks. Peach will require an ACD savvy home.

UPDATE 3/5/2019: Peach was spayed yesterday and is doing well. She was loved by all the staff and they said she was very good! Peach is learning good social skills with the 4 resident cats & also learning new people are a good thing, instead of running away and barking. She has shown some guarding issues with certain toys, but is willing to accept she is not allowed to thieve from another dog or hoard the stash. Peach is the epitome of an ACD in temperament, if you know ACDs you will love her! Continued learning in an ACD savvy home will be a must for her adoption.
UPDATE 3/10/2019: Peach has a deposit to hold her from an approved applicant, for a meeting. We will update after 3/16

If interested in adopting please email for an application. Applications are currently being processed.

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