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Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) • Baby • Female • Medium

Penguin is new to OCDRT on 11/12/2014 from Western PA.
Penguin is being fostered in Massillon OH by our Vet Team.
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Penguin was surrendered to a vet clinic after confirming she had a broken leg. OCDRT was contacted to bring her into rescue so she could get the surgery she needs. Penguin is a female ACD around 12 weeks old. She has an appointment on 11/13 to get her leg on the mend. We will update as we have more information.

UPDATE 11/13/2014: Penguin is having her leg surgery preformed tomorrow.

UPDATE 11/17/2014: Penguin had surgery to repair her broken left hind leg on Friday. She is now sporting a plate and we are hoping the bone will begin to heal well. She will have a check up within a month. She is a much happier puppy now who is learning about crate training, house training, & general manners. She shares her foster home with 2 resident ACD’s who are helping her learn to be a good puppy. Her spay will be scheduled once her vet team clears her for it, most likely mid-December.

UPDATE 11/21/2014: Penguin was taken this morning to the veterinarian who did her leg repair last Friday. She had quit bearing weight on the leg and it just “didn’t look right” to us. Sadly, the screws in the bone plate had backed out, allowing the bones to shift. While it would probably heal if left alone, she would likely have a misshapen leg and we want her to be as “perfect” as is possible, so we elected to have the leg operated on again. Cross those paws and light those Bentleys again for our precious little gal that this is the last pain she will have to endure with this leg. She is a brave little puppy and we are looking forward to the leg healing and her being allowed to be a real puppy.

UPDATE 11/29/14 We have processed the submitted applications & Penguin has a deposit to hold her for a meeting mid December.

UPDATE 12/13/2014: Penguin’s meeting went very well. She will go to her forever home once our vet team clears her.

UPDATE 12/20/2014: Penguin is settling in well in her forever home!

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