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New to OCDRT on 2/15/2015.

Potion is being fostered in Creston OH.

For $10 you can sponsor Potion’s martingale collar which has a lifetime guarantee! Go to http://www.ocdrescueteam.org/donate/ & use the PayPal link. Thank You! If you would like to do a $30 monthly sponsorship to cover Potion’s food & Heartworm prevention, please go to http://www.ocdrescueteam.org/donate/ & use the PayPal link. Thank You!

Thank You Jeff for your donation!

Potion is a 5 month old female pup. She has had all her vetting completed except spay, which we will get scheduled. Potion introduced well to our current pack & played immediately. She was a very good traveler for all her transport volunteers. She loves to play fetch. Potion will continue her crate training, general obedience, foundation skills & manners. Please check back as we have two approved applications interested in her. We need to determine what type of home she needs before we can proceed.

UPDATE 2/21/2015:
Potion has settled into her new foster home very easily. She adapted quickly to her new foster brother and sister and is learning that meeting new ACDs is a lot of fun! Her foster family will continue with her training and socialization.
Potion has a meeting the weekend of 2/28/2015.

UPDATE 2/28/15:
Potion has a meeting on 3/7/15 with her potential home.
UPDATE 3/24/2015:
Potion has left for her forever home. We will update as she settles in.

UPDATE 5/4/2015: Potion, NKA “Mea” is officially adopted!