New to OCDRT on 1/15/2016 from an eastern Ohio shelter.   Timothy is being fostered in Massillon, Ohio.

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Timothy is a 6-year-old neutered male who was originally surrendered to the shelter for wandering away to a local business for lunch.   OSHA stepped in and said he had to be kept at his home, but his owner chose to surrender him instead.  He was recently adopted by a family but was returned for chasing the cat and not being house trained (NOTE – the shelter says he never soiled his kennel and his foster family says he asks to go outside for potty time).   Timothy is a big teddy bear who adores being petted and always finds a way to get his head under your hand.  He introduced well to the resident 7 year old male and 11 year old female ACDs.  We will update his vaccines, insert a microchip, perform a 4DX test and a de-worming program.  As you can see, Timothy will also be on a food-restriction and exercise program.   Timothy was raised outdoors on a farm so he had his own life rules, but he is going to learn the comforts of living inside, crate training, house training, living with cats, foundation skills and traveling in a vehicle.  Check back for updates as we get to know Timothy better during his 2-3 week evaluation.

UPDATE: 1/20/2016   Normally, we do not update this soon.  However, Timothy has met all 3 resident cats and chooses to ignore them or just sniff and walk away.  He also has proven he is housebroken and asks to go out to go potty.  He’s been a gentleman with the resident ACDs and enjoys playing with the male, while respecting the older female’s request to be left alone.  Timothy is taking well to crate training and indoor living!  This is one of those males you always hope you get to meet!

UPDATE 1/31/2016:   Timothy remains the sweet boy he was the first day we received him.   He recently spent a week in a “spa” while his foster family was on vacation and he did exceptionally well.   The staff loved him and said he enjoyed all the dogs he was allowed to play with and had a wagging tail the entire time.   He is back with his foster family and integrated right back in.   Timothy enjoys being outside with his people and walks extremely well on a leash.   Timothy is waiting for the lucky family to call his own!  Also, we are happy to report that Timothy has lost 4 pounds since being with OCDRT and is on his way to a svelte new look!

UPDATE: 3/4/2016:  Timothy is being considered for a service dog program.

UPDATE 4/2/2016:   Timothy has been accepted by the service dog program and will be adopted out through them to a deserving Veteran after completing his training.