New to OCDRT on 5/30/2015 from a southern Ohio shelter.

Thank you Jackie, Becki & Lexy for transporting!

Zandar is being fostered in Creston, Ohio

Zandar is a young adult male aged at 2-3 years and compact at 40# but could stand to lose a couple of pounds. He is a friendly male who wanted to play during dog introductions. He did well on transport and crated nicely when it was feeding time. Zandar is showing stress “mouthing” but that is understandable after being in the shelter for 1.5 months. We will help him with this issue. We will complete his vetting and start him on crate training,house training, manners, leash walking and traveling. Please check back for updates as we get to know Zandar better during his 2-3 week evaluation.

UPDATE 6/1/2015 – Zandar had a meeting with a pre-approved adopter and he has a deposit to hold him until his evaluation is completed around 6/13/2015.

UPDATE 6/27/2015:  Zandar, now known as “Angus” is officially adopted!!