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Dear Friends, Supporters, and Doggos:


Over the past almost 20 years I have poured my everything into this amazing breed we all love so much and have reaped what I have put in 10-fold. Looking back, I am filled with gratitude for all I have learned, the people I have come to know, and (of course) the ACD’s who have found forever homes and unconditional love through the rescue.


After so many years dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming ACDs, I have made the difficult decision to step out of the rescue world and cease the operations for Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team. I have put a great deal of thought into this decision and, while it was difficult to make, I am walking away with a full heart thanks to the love, dedication, and diligence shown by our Board members (both past and present), volunteers, supporters, and adopters.


We have stopped all outgoing donations as of November 1; we will be stopping all incoming donations and the rescue will officially cease operations on November 15. Our resources, financial and otherwise, will be disbursed through our attorney to the following rescues. These are organizations with whom I have personally been affiliated and encourage each and every one of you to support. To learn more about each, click on the rescue's name:


Buckeye ACD Rescue who will be continuing our Alter program within the state

ACD Rescue of IL

Arizona ACD Rescue

Texas Cattle Dog Rescue who will be utilizing proceeds to fund the Texas Heeler Fix Program


To those of you who have adopted from me, whether through AuCaDo or OCDRT, this rescue’s motto of “You’ll never walk alone” will remain true: I am still here for you! You can reach out via email at to touch base with me personally. 


Simply saying “thanks for your support” just does not come close to the gratitude I feel for each of you. Each foster that has come through my life has taken a piece of my heart with it and each adopter has become a permanent part of my life. 


Wishing every single one of you endless games of fetch, snuggles, and ACD loyalty!



Corene Kandel

Founder - Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team

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A message from our Founder

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