Alter Program


It is OCDRT’s goal to prevent ACDs from ending up in a shelter or looking for a new home, due to reasons that can be avoided, including issues that can present with an intact dog. Temperament is a huge issue with unaltered animals including dog aggression, item guarding, territory aggression, human aggression, etc due to hormones overruling the majority of their decisions. Medical issues are another issue with unaltered animals including every type of sexual organ cancer or malfunction. Running away or wandering off to follow their hormonal instinct is a huge reason they are found as strays and if they were displaying temperament issues in their home, they are never claimed. Many medical issues are very expensive to treat and manage so they are surrendered to a shelter or dumped or just not treated and left to suffer with their condition. Pregnancy is another issue, wanted or unwanted it is very expensive to properly care for a pregnant female and all the pups until they are 8 weeks of age and able to leave the litter and Mom. With all this to consider, OCDRT feels by assisting with alters, many reasons for re-homing an ACD can be avoided.

With the above issues in mind, Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team has implemented an Alter Program specifically for ACDs in Ohio. In order to request alter assistance you must adhere to the following terms:

1) must be an Australian Cattle Dog – confirmed by the OCDRT Board
2) must live in Ohio – confirmed by the OCDRT Board
OCDRT will pay up to $100, towards the alter only, directly to the Veterinary Clinic where the alter procedure will be completed. This program will only be active as funding allows.

If you want to request assistance, please email with:
1) your shelter paperwork, if adopted
2) photos of your ACD – both sides and front
3) documentation showing you live in Ohio (utility bill)
4) vet clinic information including date of scheduled surgery

You will receive an email from OCDRT after the Board has reviewed your request.

We are a 501(c)3 so we are here to assist the public in our mission to help the breed of our choice, the Australian Cattle Dog. When someone makes a donation to our group, you are supporting this much needed fund, along with veterinary care and monthly expenses of our foster ACDs! Thank You!

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