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Meet Ms Val


Basic Information

Ms Val is around 5 months of age an is being fostered in Creston, OH. She introduced well to the 2 resident male ACDs, and wants to play. She seeks human attention, but can be very independent and aloof. We are working with her to condition her to seek out humans for attention & directions. She loves to play with toys and shows interest in fetching. Val is scheduled for her spay & rabies vaccine on 3/1. We have started her heartworm prevention, will finish her vaccines, and have a fecal completed. We will work on crate training, house training, foundation skills, traveling in a vehicle, walking on a leash, and social skills. Val will require an adopter with prior ACD experience.

Please check back as we get to know her over the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Theresa - Reflex lifetime guarantee martingale collar and leash

Heidi - sponsorship

Margaret - sponsorship

Jennifer - sponsorship

Thank you sponsors!


March 3, 2017

Val is now completely vetted, crate trained, and nearly house trained. She was loved by all at the vet clinic! She adores her people and loves to play with the other dogs. She is learning the outdoors is fun and new sounds won't hurt her. She will excel in a home with ACD experience with no young children. She travels to her Foster Mom's work daily and is learning to walk better on a leash. She's ready for her forever home!


March 16, 2017

Ms Val has a deposit from an approved applicant to hold her for a meeting towards the end of the month.

April 1, 2017

Ms Val had a successful meeting and has left for her forever home. We will update as she settles in.

April 18, 2017

Ms Val nka Lucia is Officially Adopted!

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