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Meet Bella


Basic Information

New to OCDRT on September 23, 2020 Bella is being fostered in Columbus. Bella is around a year old & entered the shelter with a very large wound & tested positive for 2 tick born diseases. She was under a lengthy quarantine in a PA shelter and started showing distress like an ACD does with lack of exercise, so OCDRT was asked to take her in. She will be retested with OCDRT's vet before she is released for adoption.


Bella does not seem to know what a house is & has been indifferent to the other dogs. She will learn all about crate training, socialization with other dogs & cats, basic obedience, foundation skills, & have her vetting completed. Bella will require an ACD savvy home. Please check back for updates as we learn what type of home Bella will require.

Please check back as we get to know her over the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Maggie - Reflex lifetime guarantee martingale collar and leash

Ken - sponsorship

Rebecca - sponsorship

Thank you sponsors!

To download an adoption application please click here.


September 23, 2020

OCDRT welcomes Bella into our care!

October 1, 2020

Bella has been with us for less than two weeks, and just look at her progress in that short time!  
We were warned she wasn’t housebroken, but she only had one accident the very first day she was here, and that was our fault, not hers. It took BellaBug several days to decompress. She was like a wild child in the house. We rotated dogs to not overwhelm her. I really don’t think she had been in a house much. Doors were a mad dash through to go out, as though the house was on fire. She didn’t understand personal space, or how to play nice cattle dog play. Today, 12 days into her stay with us, she is fully house broken, crate trained and crates herself. Bella has developed some fundamental manners interacting with her foster humans, and foster sisters. She no longer is afraid of the kitchen appliances. We now can walk through a doorway to go outside without pulling my arm out of the socket! Only crazy thing is she waits for me to go with her!  Maybe not such a bad thing, huh? Bella and Mia are two athletic, energizer bunnies. Mia taught Bella proper play, and Maggie supervises. Bella is typical cattle dog smart. She walks well on a leash, heels (most of the time), knows sit, leave it (the cat), no, easy (taking treats), and we are working on down, and her recall. She comes to me, because I trained her by keeping treats in my pocket for several days. This turned out to be a lengthy post, but this girl has come a very long way in 12 days! Her backstory was one that breaks your heart, and why we do this.

October 25, 2020

We had some tests completed at our vet for the tick born diseases, Bella is not symptomatic & tested negative for her PCR so she has been cleared and is not in need of any treatments. She is learning to like attention from her foster Dad and is doing wonderful with her ACD & cat siblings!

January 24, 2021

It’s taken awhile for Bella to evolve from a wild child/nearly feral dog, to a still skeptical of men/wants love but nervous to accept it/doggo. My husband is phenomenal with dogs, and she is still fearful of him. Bella needs a fenced yard, due to her lack of recall. She has a 5’ vertical jump, and doesn’t care how she lands! Bella loves her crate! Bella is good on a lead. She crates herself by 6:30 pm, and is a very mellow evening companion. Bella would benefit from an obedience classwhere she can bond with her person in a controlled environment. Older children that understand Bella’s needs would make Bella very happy! 

March 6, 2021

Bella has a deposit to hold her until she has her meeting. We will update after the meeting. 

March 9, 2021

Bella has left for her forever home!


March 27, 2021

Bella nka Lia ia officially adopted!

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