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Meet Penny

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Basic Information

New to OCDRT on 12/28/2018Penny was very cautious in the shelter environment & greeted her foster family quietly with curiosity. She traveled well in her crate back to her foster home. Penny has seen the resident female ACDs with no reaction. We will post more details as we get to know Penny better and she learns about crating, basic obedience, foundation skills, has her vetting completed, and socializes with humans, dogs, and the resident cat.

Please check back as we get to know her over the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Melanie - Reflex lifetime guarantee martingale collar and leash

Rebecca - sponsorship 

Lori - sponsorship

Terri - sponsorship

Lynn - sponsorship (in memory of Raymond Kress)

Margaret - sponsorship (in memory of Raymond Kress)

Ken - sponsorship

Thank you sponsors!


January 4, 2019

Penny had her vet appointment today for her spay/chip implant/4DX. She did great, however her 4DX has tested positive for Lyme & Ehrlichia, however she is not symptomatic. She will start a treatment course of antibiotics for 30 days & be tested with a PCR test after treatment & receive her Lyme vaccinations.

January 22, 2019

Penny had a meeting with an approved applicant and is pending adoption.

February 5, 2019

Penny is officially adopted! OCDRT is covering her follow up PCR testing & Lyme vaccines at the proper time.

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