Foster Homes

Fostering Cattle Dogs

Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team’s primary  board member foster homes are located in Creston & Columbus.  Our foster dogs live in our homes with us and are treated like one of our own. While with us, they learn housebreaking, crate training, general obedience,  leash skills, house manners, socialization with adults, children, & multiple dogs and  traveling in a vehicle.  Each foster dog continues their socialization with humans & other dogs.  All foster dogs are fully vetted, including spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccines, de-worming, heartworm and tick disease testing and are kept on heartworm/flea/tick prevention, as well being microchipped.  OCDRT provides for all our foster dogs needs – medical, food, preventions and supplies.  OCDRT evaluates our foster dogs for a minimum of 1-2 weeks before placing them in an appropriate foster home.  We match our foster ACDs to our foster homes just like we do an adoptive home and are the support system for the foster home until the foster dog is adopted.  OCDRT does all the screening for potential adoptive homes.  Once an applicant has been cleared, the foster home is asked to speak to the potential adopter to see if the dog is a match.  The foster home then sets up a meeting at the foster home with the potential adopter and their resident dog(s).  An OCDRT board member is always present for this meeting, as well as for the adoption.

Becoming a Foster

If you are within 1.5 hours of Creston or Columbus, you have the potential to become a foster home.  We process foster homes with an application and check all references as well as performing a home visit to meet the potential foster home (all members) and all resident animals.  If all is cleared, we will complete the Foster Contract.  We want our foster homes to have a good experience, and following this process will make sure a compatible dog is placed in the appropriate foster home.  The nearest board member will be your mentor while you are fostering.  For more information, or for an application to become a foster home, please click the button below. Thank you for considering joining our team!